To achieve undisputed success, one has to move past the boundries of normality and interact with trail blazing ideas. It is on this premise that our company, Ajocynta Worldwide Investment was founded by Chief Augustine S. Ojukwu.

We are a company founded on the principles of hard work, tenacity and prudence while combining the true extent of team work and loyality. We ensure we meet the needs of all and sundry.

To achieve a dream that was concepted in a customer first oriented enviroment, we have induced ways to allay the burden of our client and rather imbue them with smiles. We try our uttermost best to be a shinning light in the dark crusted world of business assosiations by delivering on our promises

We are a trail blazer in the tiles, hotels, estate management, farm, properties and contract worlds, As we are known for our assured services/ Our sister companies are as follows

  • Real Estate & Financial Experience

    By combining our knowledge of the real estate market and undaunted business sense we are able to present you the best properties at the lowest price and also meet your flexibility within the financial entailment. Thats our goal for you: Satisfaction

  • Exqusite Tiles and finishing

    We love when you are so unique that even your house is unique that people can invariabl assotiate you with the high class we bring and setting you apart. We ensure you are at the top of the pile in terms of class and quality.

  • Quality Everytime

    Be it a room in one of our hotels or a produce from our farms you can be sure the quality will be splendid. We go an extra mile to ensure you get the best when you do business with us because you are who we value the most.

Meet Our Sister Companies

Ajocynta Tiles

Our product come from superior materials coupled with outstanding craftsmanship to deliver to you only the best

Ajocynta Farms

When the best of farming technology meets quality methodology you can only have the best result and that is what we offer

Augrose International

Our Properties all come with the proper and relevant document, this is to ensure transperance and accountability. We are genuinly affordable because we believe you should own a property the hassle free way without rancour

Elison Enterprise

Ace Comfort Our staffs are trained to meet your every need and ensure you have a pleasurable time. Any Time We are at your beck and call no matter the time needed as we exist to cater for your every need Secured We ensure your safety by deploying both man and unmanned security system to work in tandem for you.